Bookstall and Library


There is a bookstall towards the back of the Church, between the main entrance and the grand piano.

A range of cards and books are available for purchase. 

Daily Bible reading notes

Reading the Bible is about developing a relationship with God.  The Holy Spirit helps us to engage with the Bible and to face God’s challenge in the here and now.

'New Daylight' offers four months of daily Bible reading and comment for everybody who wants to travel further on their journey of Christian faith. It is especially suitable for those looking for an accessible way into studying the Bible.  'New Daylight', published by the Bible Reading Fellowship, can be ordered through Jane Coan, 020 8868 0435.

Other daily Bible reading notes include:
‘Daily Bread’, published by Scripture Union every three months, aims “to challenge, encourage, surprise and inspire as God uses the notes to speak into our lives”. For more information see

‘The Word for Today’ is available from UCB, free of charge, at

Lending Library

There are a number of books that can be borrowed from our lending library, which is adjacent to the bookstall. 

We are trying to expand our library and are always pleased to hear of any books that you would recommend.  We are also delighted to receive donations of books that you think others may find helpful.


Contact for the Bookstall and Lending Library: