What we believe

We believe in One God

Father,         Son and Holy Spirit;
Creator,  Saviour and      Sustainer of life.


We believe that God loves everyone

and everything that God created;
and that we are called to do the same.

We believe that we are all made in God’s image,
so, when we look at any other human being,
we will find Christ there.

We believe that we can meet Jesus Christ
in the Word and the Sacraments of the church,

including the Bible and the Bread and Wine,
through which He feeds and teaches us,
so that, empowered by the Spirit,
we can follow Christ’s example and reach out in love to all,
in particular to the weak, the poor, the vulnerable and the oppressed.

We believe that we are called to follow Jesus’ command to
“Love the Lord your God” and to “Love your neighbour as yourself.”