Daily Prayer Cycle - Part 2

Please give thanks and pray, on the relevant day,
for the people who live and work
in the following places:

17th – Arden Mhor, Catlins Lane, Daymer Gardens, High Road Eastcote, Birchmead Avenue, Larkswood Rise, Rushmoor Close & Wrenwood Way.
Thank God for people who pray for us.
Pray for people who are homeless.

18th – Burlington Close, Lawson Gardens, Tolcarne Drive, Baycroft Close, Chamberlain Way, Clovelly Close, Harlyn Drive, Henley Gardens, Linsdale Close & Raisins Hill.
Thank God for His guidance.
Pray for people who are abused.

19th – Chamberlain Lane, Haydon Drive, Middleton Drive, Ryefield Crescent, Hawthorne Court, Gladsdale Drive, Pikes End, Quintin Close & Southhill Lane.
Thank God for peacemakers.
Pray for victims of war and hatred.

20th – Cranbourne Road, Highland Road, Lichfield Road, Lincoln Road, Norwich Road, Rochester Road, Winchester Road & York Road.
Thank God for the saints.
Pray for the elderly.

21st – Ascott Court, Beatrice Close, Farmlands, Joel Street, Reid Close & Wyevale Close.
Thank God for ALMA (our diocesan link with Angola and Mozambique).
Pray for social workers.

22nd – Egerton Close, Everett Close, Lime Close, Lyneham Walk, Orchard Rise, Somerford Close, Theodora Way, Wiltshire Lane, Aspen Grove, Bramley Close & Heatherfold Way.
Thank God for healing.
Pray for hospital chaplains.

23rd – Deerings Drive, Eastcote Road, Kaduna Close, Wentworth Drive & Yeomans Acre.
Thank God for music and musicians.
Pray for people who are dying.

24th – Chippenham Close, Fore Street, Malmesbury Close, Salisbury Road & Wylchin Close.
Thank God for art and artists.
Pray for teachers.

25th – Coniston Gardens, Gerrard Gardens, Maybank Gardens, Mount Park Road, Sutton Close & Tudor Close.
Thank God for inventors.
Pray for world leaders.

26th – Armstrong Close, Coteford Close, Grangewood Close, Grooms Drive & Wood Rise.
Thank God for language and liturgy.
Pray for politicians.

27th – Azalea Walk, Campbell Close, Flag Walk, Hale End Close & Spring Drive.
Thank God for laughter.
Pray for people who are depressed.

28th – Elmbridge Close, Elmbridge Drive, Evelyn Avenue, Highgrove Way, Lovat Drive, Park Avenue, River Close & Warrender Way.
Thank God for uniformed organisations.
Pray for doctors and nurses.

29th – Members of St Lawrence’s who do not live in the parish.
Thank God for freedom.
Pray for Church leaders.

30th – Those who come into our parish to work.
Thank God for employment.
Pray for religious communities.

31st – Those who work for our parish in local government.
Thank God for close friends.
Pray for those on our hearts.

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing,
give thanks in all circumstances;
for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 

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