Daily Prayer Cycle - Part 1

Please give thanks and pray, on the relevant day,
for the people who live and work
in the following places:

1st – Aragon Drive, Boleyn Drive, Castleton Road, Cleves Way, Cranmer Close, Cardinal Road, Essex Close, Garth Close & Seymour Gardens.
Thank God for His grace.
Pray for carers of people who are vulnerable.

2nd – Elstow Close, Prospect Close, Woodlands Avenue, Newnham Avenue, Telcote Way, Sunningdale Avenue, Warren Drive & Windermere Avenue.
Thank God for His peace.
Pray for people who are sick or chronically ill.

3rd – Oxford Drive, Queens Walk, St Andrew’s Close, Whitby Road, Whitby Dene, Bessingby Road, Beverley Road, Filey Waye & Lynmouth Drive.
Thank God for His comfort.
Pray for people who are mentally unwell.

4th – Aldridge Avenue, Cambridge Drive, Collins Drive, Morley Crescent, Russell Close, St James’ Close & St Peter’s Close.
Thank God for His forgiveness.
Pray for people who are hungry.

5th – Broadhurst Gardens, Ferncroft Avenue, Field End Road, Greencroft Avenue & Pavilion Way.
Thank God for His love.
Pray for people with no one to love them.

6th – Pine Gardens, Coombe Drive, Langley Avenue, Melton Close & Springfield Gardens.
Thank God for His promises.
Pray for alcoholics.

7th – Elliott Avenue, Flemming Avenue, Forbes Way, Mansfield Avenue, Ryan Close & Wilder Close.
Thank God for the gifts of the Spirit.
Pray for people who are persecuted.

8th –Dollis Crescent, Green Lawns, Hoylake Gardens , Rodwell Close & Swallow Court.
Thank God for His plans for our lives.
Pray for people unable to find jobs.

9th – Beech Avenue, Columbia Avenue, Linden Avenue, Oak Grove & Southbourne Gardens.
Thank God for the world’s beauty.
Pray for prisoners.

10th – Acacia Avenue, Elm Avenue, Kent Gardens, Lime Grove & Myrtle Avenue.
Thank God for the world’s resources.
Pray for people who are housebound.

11th – Crescent Gardens, Deane Way, Hawthorne Avenue, Maple Close, Meadow Way, Morford Close & Morford Way.
Thank God for our families.
Pray for the emergency services.

12th – Boldmere Road, Boundary Road, Chandos Road, The Close, Ivy Close, Mayfly Close, North View & The Link.
Thank God for our Church family.
Pray for people who are lonely.

13th – Abbotsbury Gardens, Cannonbury Avenue, Devonshire Road, Lowlands Road, Bridle Road, The Chase, Missouri Court, Deane Croft Road & Rushdene Road.
Thank God for fresh starts.
Pray for children.

14th – Barnhill, Cheney Street, Chiltern Road, Curzon Place, Eastfields, Francis Road, Hamlin Crescent, Horns End Place & Nightingale Close.
Thank God for learning.
Pray for teenagers.

15th – Burwood Avenue, Dovecot Close, The Glen, Pamela Gardens, Rodney Gardens, St Lawrence Drive, Stevens Close & Widenham Close.
Thank God for wisdom.
Pray for people who are harassed.

16th – Farthings Close, Park Farm Close, Robarts Close, The Sigers & Winslow Close.
Thank God for people who witness.
Pray for people who are bereaved.

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing,
give thanks in all circumstances;
for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


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