Welcome to 10.00am Parish Eucharist

Parish Eucharist - 10.00am on Sundays
You may decide to come to the Parish Eucharist one Sunday for your first visit.  Most weeks this follows a similar format, but occasionally the uniformed organisations attend (i.e. Scouts, Guides, Cubs, Brownies, Beavers and Rainbows) when we then follow a less formal and more child-friendly style of worship, which is easy to follow from the specially prepared Service sheet.  On all other Sundays, the Service is set out in a booklet.

Everyone is greeted at the door by 'sides-people', who will hand you the Service booklet or sheet and a copy of the week's Bulletin.  Hymn books are kept in the back of each chair.  

Please sit wherever you like; the front two rows may be roped off for the Sunday School children or marked out for the uniformed organisations.  If you have young children with you, you may like to sit in, or near, the TotZone, towards the back of the Church on the far side.  You may instead prefer to take some books and toys from the Corner and sit nearer the front.  During term-time, the Crèche and Sunday School are also available for the very young through to twelve year olds.

We usually stand to sing, sit for readings (other than for the Gospel reading when we stand) and sit or kneel to pray.  You may like to follow what other people in front of you are doing for your first visit.

Everyone is warmly invited to come forward to receive God's blessing.  Those who are communicant members of any Christian church are welcome to receive Communion.  If you are not receiving Communion, then please carry the Service booklet or sheet with you.

After the Service, which usually lasts just over an hour, you are warmly encouraged to stay for tea, coffee or squash and biscuits over in the Church Hall (or occasionally they're served at the back of the Church!).  Fair-trade products are sometimes on sale in the Hall too.  This is a great time for people to get together for a chat so do please stay so that we can introduce you to other people and make you feel really welcome!